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Unrivalled fabric choice

Furniture that perfectly represents the uniqueness of your home.

Within Britain’s rich and varied architectural landscape, our homes stand as expressions
of individuality, each building telling a story through its design and style. This diversity isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about how our houses connect with who we are, becoming more than just physical structures, into sanctuaries that nurture personal comfort and encapsulate the essence of home.

Order your FREE fabric samples

Sofas & Stuff was created around a simple idea; to give customers exactly what they want. No more half-way houses where you have to settle on a fabric that isn't quite what you are looking for.

Timeless design

Our approach to furniture design is framed by the long view. Our models are designed, not in response to passing trends, but because of their intrinsic beauty, comfort and utility. They are designed, and they are built, to stand the test of time.

Individually made-to-order

We hand make each piece of furniture individually. Our specialist craftspeople will know your order by name and have a personal commitment to making your Sofas & Stuff furniture.

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Individually made-to-order