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Caring For Your Sofa

Looking after your sofa

Looking After Your Sofa

Looking after your sofa

Years of experience have taught us to say, "Go to the dry cleaners," whatever it says on the fabric label, as the whole washable sofa fabric arena is fraught with danger. For example, and apologies for getting a little technical; washable fabric is technically designated as such, so long as it does not shrink more than 3%. But does your loose sofa cover, which in the current vogue needs to look like a tight cover, have 3% of shrinkage allowance in it when popular demand is for a tight fitting look, a bit like a skinny jean. See what I mean?

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Washable Sofa Fabrics

Washable fabrics come on sofas where the whole loose cover can be taken off. If you only have removable cushion covers don't be tempted to wash them in the machine. They'll shrink and come out crumpled.

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Fabric Sofa Cleaning Instructions

Can you handwash a sofa

Check the sofa cleaning instructions! Follow them! A fabric can be only washed, say the experts, so long as it shrinks by less than 3%. Washable fabrics have the bucket symbol on the cleaning instructions label, with 30° or 40° in the bucket.

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Sofa Care Labels Explained

Not sure whether to wash your sofa in hot or cold water? Or perhaps you are concerned about using bleach? This handy guide below will help you always be on top of looking after your sofa and make sure you can go on loving that beautiful comfy sofa for years to come.

Regular ironing, steam or dry, may be performed at low setting (110C, 230F) only.
Regular ironing, steam or dry, may be performed at medium setting (150C, 300F)
Regular ironing, steam or dry may be performed at high setting (200C, 290F).
Any dry cleaning solvent other than trichloroethylene may be safely used.
Usually added to line or drip dry. Dry away from direct sunlight.
A machine dryer may not be used. Usually accompanied by an alternate drying method symbol.
Initial water temperature should not exceed 30C or 65 to 85F.
Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F.
Garment may be laundered through the use of water, detergent or soap and gentle hand manipulation.
No bleach product may be used. The garment is not colourfast or structurally able to withstand any bleach.

Loose Sofa Covers

Top tips. Don't overload your washing machine. If you have to stuff your loose sofa covers into the machine, stop. Take it from me, you're overloading it. It may damage your sofa covers and your machine. Wash the base and cushion covers for your sofa separately.

Never ever use detergents with Optical Brighteners or Whiteners in them, because the chemicals in these detergents take the colour out of your beautiful loose sofa covers. If you are unsure, always contact the detergent manufacturer before washing.

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