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Sofa care tips

Sofa care top tips

Each of our beautiful handmade sofas comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frames and springs.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure your sofa maintains its natural good looks for many years to come.

When you first unwrap your brand new sofa at home, you may notice that the cushions feel a little firmer than the ones in the showroom. It can take a little while for the filling to settle, but don’t worry. After approximately 6 weeks of use and plumping, they’ll be as soft and inviting as ever.

To keep your sofa looking fresh, give it a good brush with a vacuum cleaner every now and then. Just make sure it’s on a low setting to avoid any unwanted marks.

Seat cushions

It’s really important that you give your cushions some regular TLC. We recommend plumping your fibre or feather filled cushions daily to keep them looking lovely and make sure they don’t lose their shape. If you’ve opted for a fibre cushion, regular rotating will help the filling settle evenly.



It’s best to keep your new furniture out of direct sunlight as fabrics will fade over time.


Mop up any spillages as quickly as possible using a clean, dry cloth. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing as this may damage the fabric.

We’ve teamed up with Staingard™ to provide honest, no nonsense cover for your sofa or mattress. Staingard Plus™ protects you against the costs associated with accidental damage or staining for 5 years.

The Staingard Plus™ promise - If you can’t remedy the problem yourself using one of the market leading care products supplied, one of Staingard’s national team of professional repair technicians will visit your home and resolve the problem for you. And if that doesn’t solve the problem, don’t worry. We’ll replace the stained or damaged part of your furniture.

Contact your local showroom for more information.



Wood has its own grain and shade, so expect to find some variations. Wooden feet are pretty low maintenance. Simply wipe them with a clean, damp cloth to remove any dust and tighten them regularly to prevent them becoming loose or buckling. We recommend lifting your furniture when you need to move it and please remember that castors should be seen as decorative elements rather than functional components.

Velvet sofa care tips

We recommend giving your furniture a brush with a soft vacuum attachment to remove any obvious marks and give the pile a new lease of life. Velvet marks easily, so be gentle and avoid applying too much pressure.

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Velvet sofa care tips
Cotton and linen sofa care tips

Cotton and linen sofa care tips  

These are natural materials and the fabrics may have slubs within the texture of the weave. This is to be expected and gives the fabrics their distinctive tactile qualities and appeal.

Leather sofa care tips

Leather is a natural product, so the grain may vary from the sample you saw in the showroom. No two hides are ever the same, and there may be small imperfections, but these will add to the fabric’s tactile appeal and make every piece unique.

Use a leather cream to keep the material well fed, and dust weekly with a soft, clean cloth to keep it looking its best. Firm leathers will soften with age and tend to look even better over time.

Leather sofa care tips
Sofa bed care tips

Looking after your sofa bed

Many of the mattresses on our sofa beds are double-sided, so we recommend that you turn and rotate them regularly. This will help minimise the effects of natural settlement from body pressure. Remove bed linen to allow the mattress to air, and avoid damaging the mechanism of the sofa bed.

Mattress care

As with our sofa beds, many of our bed mattresses are double-sided. Turn and rotate your mattress regularly to help minimise the effects of natural settlement from body pressure.

Sofa bed care tips