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Every year, around 10 million tonnes of plastic waste enters our oceans from plastic bags, bottles, packaging and other single-use items.

This level of plastic pollution is having a devastating impact not only on the oceans, but on the marine life and birds that live in and around them.

If something doesn’t change soon, by 2050, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish.*

*Dame Ellen MacArthur, 2016


At Sofas & Stuff, we know that more needs to be done to help protect our oceans and coastal communities.

We are still at the very beginning of our sustainability journey, but as a retailer, we feel we have a responsibility to help our customers make more environmentally conscious choices. We know how important it is to look after our planet, and we are committed to creating and promoting eco-friendly furniture. This includes sustainable sofas, fabrics and recycled plastic cushions.

Our plan is to help prevent 1 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean by the end of 2021. We want to encourage all UK furniture manufacturers to join us in taking the first step towards greater sustainability.


In partnership with ADVANSA and Plastic Bank, we are working hard our handmade furniture collections more sustainable. These two organisations are recognised globally as some of the leading solutions in the fight against plastic pollution. As well as helping to reduce ocean plastic, Plastic Bank supports coastal communities by encouraging them to collect plastic waste in exchange for a source of income. Local residents can exchange collected ocean plastic for cash rewards, school tuition, healthcare, insurance or Blockchain-secured digital tokens - all of which will go towards improving future prospects and overall quality of life.

In November 2020, we introduced Quallofil Blue Eco Fibre seat cushions on our bespoke, British made sofas and chairs, each one made from recycled ocean-bound plastic.


When it comes to sustainable furniture and sustainable fabrics, linen and wool are two of the most eco-friendly options you can buy, and not only that, but they’re beautifully tactile. At Sofas & Stuff, we truly believe that every fabric has a story to tell, and these two are no exception. Practical as well as hard-wearing, wool is easy to care for, very long-lasting, and doesn't require interlining (for fire guard purposes), making it much better for the environment than fabrics that need to undergo chemical processing to meet fire protection regulations, such as velvet. The wools and linens that form part of our Signature collection are lovingly handmade in Britian using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations, and every single one is 100% eco-friendly. To find out more, or to choose one of these gorgeous fabrics for yourself, why not browse our fabric library? Once there, you can even order some free samples, to try them out in your own home.


Find out how we’re working towards using only FSC certified wood for our frames and feet in all of our handmade sofas, chairs and beds.


If your new sofa is to replace furniture that you no longer wish to keep, we can recommend a local charity who may be able to collect and make use of your old pieces.

Alternatively we offer a removal and responsible disposal service for a small fee.

Ask in store for more details.