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Oval footstool

  • House Velvet: Granite
  • House Velvet: Royal
  • House Velvet: Petrol
  • House Velvet: Wedgewood
  • House Velvet: Peacock
  • House Velvet: Olive
  • House Velvet: Saffron
  • House Velvet: Terracotta
  • House Velvet: Claret
  • House Velvet: Linen
  • House Velvet: Latte
  • House Velvet: Elephant
  • House Clever Velvet: Olive
  • House Clever Velvet: Navy
  • House Clever Velvet: Lemon
  • House Clever Velvet: Airforce
  • House Clever Velvet: Royal
  • House Clever Velvet: Ocean
  • House Clever Velvet: Duck Egg
  • House Clever Velvet: Teal
  • House Clever Velvet: Fern
  • House Clever Velvet: Celadon
  • House Clever Velvet: Ochre
  • House Clever Velvet: Henna
  • House Clever Velvet: Wine
  • House Clever Velvet: Aubergine
  • House Clever Velvet: Cocoa
  • House Clever Velvet: Mist
  • House Clever Velvet: Stone
  • House Clever Velvet: Slate
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Laurel
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Pomegranate
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Sepia
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Indigo
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Mineral
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Aegean
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Shamrock
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Spice
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Damson
  • Clever Tough Eco Velvet: Chrome
  • Super Soft Velvet: Sky
  • Super Soft Velvet: Navy
  • Super Soft Velvet: Highland Green
  • Super Soft Velvet: Honey
  • Super Soft Velvet: Mocha
  • Super Soft Velvet: Steel
  • Super Soft Velvet: Wicker
  • Super Soft Velvet: Hessian
  • Super Soft Velvet: Linen
  • Super Soft Velvet: Silver
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Navy
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Highland Green
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Olive
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Rust
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Hazelnut
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Aubergine
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Bowler Hat
  • Traditional Vintage Velvet: Sand
  • Mohair Velvet: Indigo
  • Mohair Velvet: Atlantic
  • Mohair Velvet: Amazon
  • Mohair Velvet: Lichen
  • Mohair Velvet: Fir Green
  • Mohair Velvet: Kiln
  • Mohair Velvet: Rose
  • Mohair Velvet: Beetroot
  • Mohair Velvet: Truffle
  • Mohair Velvet: Mushroom
  • Mohair Velvet: Husky
  • Mohair Velvet: Horizon
  • Antique Velvet: Ink
  • Antique Velvet: Atlantic
  • Antique Velvet: Bottle
  • Antique Velvet: Tobacco
  • Antique Velvet: Caramel
  • Antique Velvet: Bark
  • Antique Velvet: Brick
  • Antique Velvet: Shadow
  • House Chenille: Denim
  • House Chenille: Atlantic
  • House Chenille: Hydro
  • House Chenille: Moss
  • House Chenille: Grey
  • House Chenille: Natural

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