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Our British Made Beds

Our British Made Beds

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Camden Bed


Our unique contemporary take on a classic luxury bed. With contrast buttons and piping; a smart “double headboard” and limed solid oak feet. It s simple elegance works in any fabric you can think of.
From £984 £787
Pentlow Double Bed


This splendid bed shows the quality of British custom upholstery skills. Deep hand buttoning, turned and aged beech stained feet make this a luxurious addition to your master bedroom.
From £1,834 £1,467
Arles Bed


Curvy and comforting, with a distinctively Provencal appeal, this luxury bed brings an indefinable air of chic to your bedroom. Looks wonderful in stripes.
From £1,256 £1,005
Mountclare king bed


A contemporary bed with an unusual and fun curved buttoned and padded headboard. So appealing for it’s simple design and a great spot for a bit of reading or just dozing off!
From £1,307 £1,046
Red Church King Bed


Contemporary and elegant. The Redchurch has a very smart upholstered panelled headboard, who wouldn’t want to sleep in this stunning bed.
From £1,526 £1,221
Domino Bed


Domino comes from my time when I collected 1950’s furniture. It's sculptural form was typical of that decade, when designers began experimenting with new fluid forms and materials.
From £1,156 £925
Bermondsey Bed


Our fixed cover version of a camel shape. Here we highlight the hump with large, widely spread hand studding. A trusted look for both the city or the country.
From £1,037 £830
Portobello image


It's all about proportion and detail. With jumbo studs on a classic shape turns this bed into a thoroughly modern bed adapting well to any setting.
From £1,016 £813
Brick Lane Bed

Brick Lane

A gentle curved headboard with hand studded nail head detail. An archetypal and timeless bed modern or retro, formal or casual.
From £1,016 £813
Islington double bed


A contemporary bed, uncluttered and streamlined, that seems to ‘float’ on it's oak plinths. The headboard has curves and the soft profile beloved of 1950s sports car designers.
From £1,167 £934
Gothic single beds


If you dream of gorgeous beds with Hollywood looks, dressed in dark velvets, the Gothic is for you.
From £1,097 £878
Shoreditch Double Bed


What dreams are made of, traditional mixed with a bit of contemporary; simple with just a little shapely curve.
From £1,080 £864
Bespoke Luxury Mattresses:  Pillow Top 4000 Pocket Spring Mattress

Pillow Top 4000 Pocket Spring Mattress

This luxury pocket spring mattress is handmade in Britain and features sustainable fibres and a natural latex pillow top, to provide your body with comfort and support. Natural latex is inherently cooling, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and dust mite resistant, making it perfect for allergy sufferers. Customise and made-to-measure mattresses and beds are available in-store.
From £1,243
Bespoke Luxury Mattresses: Pillow Top 7000 Pocket Spring Mattress

Pillow Top 7000 Pocket Spring Mattress

A handmade luxury mattress that uses sustainably sourced teased horse hair, layered wool and a soft luxury wool pillow top for added comfort, to help you have a good night's sleep. Visit one of our national showrooms to customise your bespoke made to measure mattress and bed.
From £2,429
Bespoke Luxury Mattresses: Superior Natural 1000 Mattress

Superior Natural 1000 Mattress

The Superior luxury mattress is handmade in Britain, with layers of high quality sustainable teased horse hair and organic wool to offer high quality support and comfort. Our best affordable luxury mattress, if you would like to create a bespoke mattress and bed please visit one of our national showrooms.
From £1,144 £972
Bespoke Luxury Mattresses: Majestic 5000 Mattress

Majestic 5000 Mattress

A high quality, handmade British mattress with layers of sustainable organic wool, teased horse hair, lambswool, pashmina, bamboo and alpaca that provide support and comfort for a perfect nights sleep. Our luxury mattresses and beds can be also be customised and made to measure, simply visit one of our national showrooms.
From £2,479
Bespoke Luxury Mattresses: Memory 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress

Memory 3000 Pocket Spring Mattress

This luxury hypoallergenic and orthopedic memory foam topped mattress offers you luxurious support, as it features an extra soft, cool to touch sleeping surface, which helps to provide a comfortable and restful night's sleep. Shop now or visit one of our national showrooms to create your own bespoke luxury mattress and bed.
From £812

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