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Hello, Sofas & Stuff here.

All our stores are now open, with social distancing and other safer shopping measures in place including:

  • 2m social distancing measures.

  • No more than 5-6 couples in our showrooms (dependent on size of store) at any one time.

  • Hand sanitising stations at the entrance of every showroom and in key places around the showroom.

  • Increased regular cleaning of our showrooms.

  • We have provided our staff with personal protective equipment (PPE).

  • Out of hours exclusive private in-store appointments for the over 55s. From 9am till 10am and 5pm tlll 6pm. You will have the store totally to yourself.

  • Normal hours private in-store appointments for all ages. With the maximum of 5-6 couples (dependent on store size) in our showrooms at any one time. Full social distancing measures.

  • Live video consultations from the comfort of your own home. We can walk you round the products in store, and advise on what would look and fit best in your home, all by video call.

You pop into a store or can contact us for private in-store appointments, or if you would like to have a live video consultation to discuss your sofa, chair and bed needs, in one of our stores, then book one here. We can also chat to you online with Live Chat, look out for the blue icon in the bottom right hand of your screen when you are on our website, or we can chat to you over the phone on 01798 300353.

If you have any other sales or support enquiries, please contact the main number 0808 1783211 or contact your nearest showroom.

Q. Are your showrooms open as normal?

A. Yes with the above social distancing and other safer shopping measures in place. As well as visiting our showrooms you can also order online, and speak to us via our online live chat, emailing us at [email protected] as well as by calling us on 01798 300350. There are four ways to visit us find out more here.

We would ask that if it is at all possible that you don't bring your children with you to the showrooms when you visit, however we completely understand if you need to bring your children with you, and we will of course welcome you all when you visit. If you are visiting with children we would ask that you ensure that they follow all the social distancing and other safer shopping measures in the showroom.

Q. What if I need to speak to someone about my order?

A. If you have any queries about your order, our Support Team will still be on hand to help. We know these are uncertain times, so if you have any questions, please email us at [email protected] or call 01798 300350 to speak to a member of our team.

Q. Can I still receive delivery of my existing order?

A. As of 1st June our delivery service returned to normal with some extra social distancing precautions (see below), we will be contacting all customers with outstanding orders to confirm when your order is due to be completed and then our delivery partners will get in touch to arrange a delivery date with you. If you have a query on an existing order, please email our Support Team on [email protected] or call 01798 300350. Your patience is sincerely appreciated.

Our team will deliver to your room of choice, unwrap the sofa, put on the feet and take away the packaging as normal.

However in order to keep our colleagues and customers safe we must follow some rules for social distancing.

Below, is the process for your safe delivery. Please let us know if you are self-isolating for any reason as unfortunately we will not be able to deliver to you in this case.

  • Our delivery partners will ring you to arrange a day for delivery and the day before delivery you will receive a 3 hour time slot.

  • You will receive a call approximately half an hour before they arrive at your house asking you to leave your front door open, and directions to the room of choice. (please make a space for the sofa in this room).

  • Whilst the delivery is taking place, we ask that you are either in another room in the house or if outside at least 2 metres from our team. You may not enter the room whilst the delivery is taking place and they are unwrapping and putting on the feet.

  • Once the team has left, please inspect your order to make sure you are happy with your beautiful new piece(s) of furniture (contact your local showroom if you have any worries).

Q. Will an online order be delivered?

A. Yes, we continue to take orders through our website. If you have any questions, you can use the live chat function on our website where one of our team members will be able to assist with anything you may need. We are currently working to a 10 weeks lead time for new bespoke furniture and 7-10 days for our instock Sofa Pronto collection, however this is dependent on any changes in Government policy and advice.

Q. Should I be concerned about touching an order I have received or collected?

A. There is no evidence to suggest that the virus can be transmitted from packaging, according to Public Health England.

Q. Are you changing your returns policy / process during this time?

A. No, we are not.

Q. Are your Support / Customer Services still open?

A. Although our main Customer Services is closed, you can still contact our Support Team via [email protected] or on Live Chat, look out for the blue icon in the bottom right hand of your screen when you are on our website.

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